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Capturing Grace: Preparing for a Dance take-over

Rae Tribbick

Come and immerse yourself in the world of ballet, art & folk music through a series of captivating activities, ranging from screen-printing and photography to panel discussions and film screenings at Assembly Arts from 12th-14th April.

In a mesmerising fusion of movement and artistry, a folk ballet takeover is set to transform our historic art studio into a haven of creativity and grace. This innovative event invites participants into the world of folk ballet through a series of captivating activities. Let's delve into the details and explore why it's a must-attend for art enthusiasts, folk lovers and ballet aficionados alike.

Key Activities and Offerings:

  1. Screen-printing Sessions: Ever wanted to capture the fluidity of a dancer's motion on fabric? Participants will have the opportunity to translate the beauty of ballet into stunning screen-printed artworks under the expert guidance of Assembly Arts Co-founder and Artist Sarah Galloway.

  2. Photography Workshop: During this rewarding and creative photography workshop you will have a unique opportunity to work closely with dancers. Dive into the world of dance photography and learn how to capture the essence of movement through the lens. Led by Assembly Arts Co-founder and Photographer Alan Morris.

  3. Drawing Sessions: Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, sketching ballet dancers in action offers a unique challenge. These workshops provide the opportunity to in create life drawings of a live dancer using a range of mediums. Led by artist Craig Jones and choreographer Deborah Ward

  4. Gallery Show: The main exhibition, open to all, will see illustrations, photography, rehearsal sketches and costume design/prop design from a range of artists including Jez Ward, Anna Smith, Anna Hymas, Mary Jane Alexander, Poppy Camden, Brian Slater and Deborah Ward, as well as work from four unique Ballet Folk productions.

  5. Film Screenings: Sunday afternoon will see three Ballet Folk film screenings: 'The Tears of Jenny Greenteeth', 'The Swan of Salen' and 'Connected'. The film screening of 'Connected' will be followed by a panel discussion with Matthew Bannister of Folk on Foot and Eliza Marshall of Freedom to Roam.

Why should you join us?

By joining us for the the Ballet Folk takeover of the art studio, you'll not only have the chance to explore your artistic side but also immerse yourself in the enchanting world of folk and ballet like never before. Whether you're an aspiring artist, a seasoned photographer, or simply a lover of dance, this event promises to ignite your imagination and leave you inspired.

How do I sign up?

The Ballet Folk take-over of Assembly Arts runs from the 12th - 14th April 2024.

Entry to the gallery exhibition is free. Events and workshops are ticketed. Don't miss your chance to be part of this enchanting fusion of art folk and ballet – reserve your spot today by signing up for your chosen activities on eventbrite and embark on a journey of inspiration and discovery.

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