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Creativity remains as important as ever.  At Assembly Arts our ambition is to help meet the demand for the provision of high-quality resources and teaching for emerging and professional artists alike.  


The economic and political uncertainties of recent years have stressed the importance of creativity and self-expression and through our practice we are aware of this demand in the Lancaster and northwest region. 


Assembly Arts allows artists to create large scale work within its main studio spaces and access a range of facilities including a ceramic kiln, screen printing and photographic darkroom.


The mix of spaces available has been designed for artists with varying budgets, including those who may require a shared, affordable space to those who prefer and are able to solely occupy a bigger studio.


Assembly Arts closely aligns with other local organisations and broader city wide objectives to boost community cohesion, whilst promoting networking and collaboration.


The ethos of Assembly Arts is to be nurturing to all tenants and class participants, with a conscious emphasis on assisting both emerging practitioners and more established artists. 


Aware of the need to be responsible for the sustainable occupation of the historic Assembly Rooms building, we adhere to a number of appropriate policies. These include the minimum use of energy, including heating, the safe disposal of materials and encouraging users to travel to the building by sustainable means. 


Recognising our responsibilities as custodians of the building and the valuable asset that the Assembly Rooms provides to the wider community, we aim to host events and offer resources on a tiered cost structure to appropriate groups and organisations. 

There is no must in art because art is free.

- Wassily Kandinsky

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